0/0 Welcome.



A reader for typographical reflexions.
From design students for everyone.

0/1 Who we are.


Let us introduce ourselves: Catharina (9th semester KD), Marius (5th semester MAD), Ine and Julia (both 5th semester KD) and our tutor Tânia Raposo (designer, teacher and researcher) currently living and working in Nancy, France.

1/1 Course concept.

There is no one way to solve a problem, and there are no absolute truths.

Instead of listening and learning the one perfect truth about typography, we want to research, compile, analyse and share our new gained knowledge about type design topics. Every student shares the information in form of texts and graphics summarized in chapters.
We wrote a reader from students for everyone who wants to get in touch with typographical issues or expand the knwoledge.

4 students + 1 Tania + 2 languages + 12 google meets + 8 chapter = 208 pages

1/2 How we started.

Reader comes from research!

Everyone researched information of the picked topics aka elements of a book. We built a database and built our chapter content on this.

1/3 Content.

Let’s start! Chapter 1: grids with 48 pages, chapter 2: chapters and navigation with 20 pages, chapter 3: hierarchy with 24 pages, chapter 4: footnotes with 32 pages, chapter 5: colophon with 24 pages, chapter 6: colophon hiszory with 16 pages, chapter 7: experimental type with 16 pages and chapter 8: punctuation with 22 pages.

2/1 Design Concept.

We wanted to gain freedom and visual tension from chapter to chapter, so every designer maintained an own graphical language. Besides that, overall rules are important to us to offer a harmonic but contrasted reader.

We used various typefaces depending on our personal concepts. The one that connects them all: OhNo Fatface by OhNo Type Foundry.

Our display type OhNo Fatface rocks hard! The pictures are displayed in purple blue monochrome style.

2/2 Typo Reader.

Typo Reader Cover Mockup Typo Reader Mockup Grids Typo Reader Mockup First Aid Typo Reader Mockup Navigation Typo Reader Mockup Experimental Type Typo Reader Mockup Punctuation Typo Reader Mockup Duplex

2/2 How to bring it to the people?

The chapters are printed as signatures (16 page units). Din A5 format is used, so one can print a double page on the own laser printer.They can easily be printed at home and single chapters can be printed. Various different binding techniques can be practised, printing in black and white is possible.

Additional to the Print-At-Home versions, we produced a hand full of readers and may send them to the printing house, if there is interest in the book at HBKsaar!

You can produce
your own reader yourself!

  1. Use our Print-At-Home PDFs and gather all the signatures you are interested for, individually.
  2. Typo Reader print
    Chapter 1: Grid systems
    Chapter 2: Chapters and navigation
    Chapter 3: Hierarchy
    Chapter 4: Footnotes
    Chapter 5: Colophon
    Chapter 6: Colophon history
    Chapter 7: Experimental type
    Chapter 8: Punctuation

  3. Enjoy our screen PDF and read the whole reader digitally.
  4. Typo Reader for screen

Just have a look and choose yourself! You will find the single chapters or one full version to print and a full version just for reading on screen.


Feel free to contact us for more information.

Julia Iserbeck, j.iserbeck@hbksaar.de
Marius Heimburger, m.heimburger@hbksaar.de
Ine Steifel, i.stiefel@hbksaar.de
Catharina Brödlin, c.broedlin@hbksaar.de